Technical Assistance to Microfinance Clients of SOCREMO Bank (TAMC)


This project is a cooperation between SIDA, USAID and SOCREMO that will help SOCREMO, a micro bank in Mozambique, to establish a loan guarantee portfolio of up to $10 Million, that will enable 4,000 SMEs and women-owned enterprises in Mozambique get access to credit. The project has a specific focus on informal women-owned businesses and rural-based businesses. This Loan Guarantee Program (LGP) will make it possible for SOCREMO to develop a new set of products with less stringent collateral requirements for this segment and to expand into new geographic locations. It will also allow for the smaller enterprises to qualify for loans and build up their credit history.

Launched in June 2017, the capacity development component of TAMC is being jointly implemented by Indiqua Consulting and Niras Sweden, with financial support from the Swedish Embassy in Mozambique.