InovarPME is a non-profit programme that supports innovation, entrepreneurship and small-business growth in Africa.

It is set up as an ecosystem that provides professional and technical support to local SMEs in key areas of business development and management. It also works with partners in the financial services sector to provide monitoring and handholding to their SME clients where required.

The initiative focuses on helping SMEs to grow and flourish through:

Partnerships and new knowledge

SMEs have the advantage of being quick to spot market opportunities; and they are agile, which makes it easier for them to exploit those opportunities for growth. InovarPME helps Mozambican SMEs to pioneer business ideas and to create new knowledge. The program also helps link innovative SMEs with large corporates that could benefit from partnerships with innovative SMEs.

Adapting to change

SMEs are generally the largest employers in any country. Their impact on an economy can therefore not be underestimated, regardless of market conditions. During economic downturns, well-managed SMEs can make a huge difference as they are more adaptable to new market conditions, thereby preserving employment and supply of products and services.

Holistic thinking

InovarPME provides Mozambican SMEs with holistic advisory services to enable them to grow and prosper; and also helps them to withstand difficult economic conditions and to recover from crises quickly.

Our services to SMEs

InovarPME works with a range of partners to provide crucial support to the SME sector in Mozambique. From training to access to finance, the program equips businesses with tools and links to resources, necessary for growth and prosperity.

Our services to lenders

InovarPME collaborates with lenders in providing ongoing technical assistance, including credit advisory services and capacity building to local SMEs, preparing to access credit facilities. The programme also carries out post-disbursement monitoring of borrowers on behalf of lenders.

Capacity building

  • Training
  • Mentoring & Coaching

Advisory services

  • Credit advisory: business planning; loan negotiations
  • Business and financial advisory

Catalytic services

  • Credit guarantee
  • Linkage services

Post-disbursement services on behalf of lenders

  • Monitoring
  • Compliance