Service line expertise

  • Project ideation

    We help our SME clients to originate and/or refine their ideas into executable business propositions

  • Feasibility studies

    We carry out bankable feasibility studies on behalf of our SME clients

  • Fund-raising

    Utilising our relationships with local banks and international financiers, we arrange financing, whether working capital, project finance or term loans, supported by international guarantees, where appropriate

  • Project implementation

    We advise our SME clients as they implement strategic initiatives such as new products, services or commissioning new strategic assets

  • Evaluation

    We carry out post-implementation reviews and evaluations to assist our SME clients to remain on their strategic path

  • One-on-one business coaching & mentorships

    We mentor and coach up-coming entrepreneurs on all aspects of running a successful business including strategy simplification, budgeting, new business development, marketing and business administration (HR, accounting, tax, IT, outsourcing, etc)

  • Business/capacity building workshops

    Business skills development is one of our core competencies. We do this through training workshops in addition to the one-on-one mentoring/coaching

  • Support calls and visits

    We are available for calls on urgent issues our clients require some advice on. As our coaching/mentoring is not done in a vacuum, we visit our client’s businesses to have a detailed perspective about their operations so that our advice is tailored to their specific circumstances

  • Research

    Before developing training manuals for a particular business or industry segment, Indiqua conducts thorough research to ensure that it has inputs that will address the needs of the recipients

  • Testing & validation

    The inputs and assumptions are tested and validated to ensure that they are relevant for the client and will address, in a practical way, the client’s needs

  • Development of the training manuals

    Through our years of experience in training business owners, employees and others, we produce manuals that are specific to the requirements of our clients for the interventions sought

  • Train-the-trainer workshops

    We also conduct workshops to transfer training skills and knowledge to the people who would have been identified as champions for the interventions being implemented by the client


Mergers & acquisitions

We provide advisory services for both the buy-side as well as the sell-side M&A activities

Financial modelling

Indiqua helps businesses to prepare all the required financial models to assist with business valuation and subsequent negotiations between the different stakeholders in the M&A transaction


On a case-by-case basis, Indiqua provides advisory services to assist clients raise required funding to complete M&A transactions with the help of our network of partner financiers
  • Feasibility studies

    For a given business venture, product or service, we explore the potential of success after carrying out a detailed market research, client’s ability to fund the venture, client’s experience in carrying out similar ventures and the financial viability of the venture using detailed financial models. Each business case developed is specific to the client’s requirements and particular circumstances

  • Market research

    Through organised processes and techniques, we gather intelligence on any given requirements for our clients about particular products or services, the market size thereof and the quality of existing players in the chosen markets. We analyse market trends, threats, opportunities and risks and come up with detailed recommendations on the attractiveness of the market to the client

  • Business plans

    We help our clients document their planned business activities in well laid out and easy to understand business plans, complete with financial projections

  • Strategy development

    Indiqua helps companies to deliver their strategic objectives and achieve a sustainable competitive edge

  • Process mapping & improvement

    Using different techniques, Indiqua assists clients to map out their business activities in easy to understand flow diagrams. This helps understand the various linkages across business lines and clarifies staff members roles and responsibilities. The resulting flow diagrams are useful for making improvements to processes, producing procedure manuals and are also helpful in defining internal controls for each activity of the business

  • Controls review & improvement

    Indiqua helps clients understand the essential aspects of a good control environment. We review existing controls at different levels and based on our risk analysis, we recommend improvements to the controls in the client organisations

  • Capital restructuring

    Indiqua reviews the capital mix (between equity and debt) and recommends ways in which a balance can be achieved between the various sources of long-term funding for the different types of business ventures that our clients run

  • Working capital review & management

    Working capital is the life blood of any business. Its critical that working capital in the business is closely monitored and managed to ensure that the business is not adversely impacted by lack of liquidity to run critical business activities. We review the different components of working capital and based on our understanding of the client’s business, we make recommendations on how the working capital position can be improved to increase the liquidity in the business

  • Business intelligence

    Data is one of the key resources that any organisation can own or control. Indiqua helps clients implement various ways in which organisational information can be collated, analysed and reported to key internal stakeholders to facilitate quality decision-making

  • Value chain analysis, development & mapping

    We help our clients understand the way they create value. Having understood all the value creating activities, we discuss ways in which value can be maximised either through improved products or services. We then document the linkages of these value creating activities to ensure that they are easier to understand and implement

  • Project management

    Indiqua helps companies improve project delivery and achieve their project plans. Whether through infrastructure projects, real estate, channels, products, processes or technology, we provide solutions that reap long-term benefits for our clients